Starter Plan

A manufacturing support service for ventures, startups, students involved in development activities and other customers with limited manufacturing and development experience, aimed at helping them make their product a reality while sharing our company’s expertise with them.


Starter Plan

We are interested to work with many companies regardless of the size.
Especially we like to wholeheartedly give support for venture companies, companies just starting up and students etc. to support in their growth and prosperity.
We have gained our expertise in production and product development not only from Japan but also from other Asian countries.
Making the best use of these experiences, we are confident to support business builders in various fields.

Starting from plan proposal, industrial design, electric design, mechanical design, software design, mouding design, mouding production, supplying domestically and from overseas, data collection capacity, and finally we complete production till finished goods in Japan all done by us at Braveridge as “Made in Japan”.
There are already many companies started with our StarterPlan service and displayed great contribution to the company.
We are proud to present this service as it is difficult to be done the same way by other companies in the same field, so please feel free to contact us.

Actual cases will be introduced here.

To Start a Starter Plan

Tremendous challenges are waiting ahead when making a product.

Since we started this company merely 10 years ago, with hard-earned experiences and sufferings, we are able to understand some of the pain you are going through.

There are many challenges you will face, “a wall of capital”, “a wall of sales”,”a wall of finances”, “a wall of trust and credibility”, “a wall of reality”, “a wall of distance”, “a wall of time”, “a wall of language”, “a wall of ignorance”, ” a wall of experience”, “a wall of quality”, “a wall of resources” etc. which are endless.

The idea of a starter plan came to us with the hope to share what we have learned from our experiences to save those who are about to start a company so that unnecessary walls will be relatively overcome.
Especially the obstacles on designing and manufacturing are destructive. For mass production, its not about the cost of time with designing but the physical “MONEY”. And with mass production, it becomes “HUGE MONEY”. The money matters happen at the very last stage which will not allow you to go back or undo anything.
A tiny defect can take everything away from you.
If you had known there was such possibility to fail at that stage, you would not have wasted everything.
To come back from the loss needs tremendous efforts.
If we can help you through our experiences even a tiny bit, we will be most honored.

The flow of Launching a project to manufacturing

An example of developing a standard Bluetooth Low Energy products will be described here.
<If your products belong to the following group, please note that it may take longer time to develop.
In some cases, some other issues may delay the process.>

  • Structurally complicated and selection of material also requires study
  • Common IC cannot materialize the product and requires to search for a new IC.
  • Requires a complicated software (e.g. limited to specific MCU, or a specific transmission mode etc.)

【Overview of schedule(reference)】

  1. Description of Concept (Customer to describe)
    ☆A few weeks

    • Discussion with our designer.
    • Mutual understanding of the concept.
  2. Summarizing concept and deciding direction

    • Brainstorming with our designer and engineering department to suggest final plan.
    • If no more issues arises, begin with industrial designing.
  3. Verifying and confirming Industrial Design

    • Suggest mainly 2 industrial design. Based on the summarised concept.
    • Some corrections are possible at this stage. Some adjustments will be made at mechanical design stage.
      *depends on the delivery requirement.
    • Electric designing from this stage onwards will be planned carefully with customers.
  4. Completion of Mechanical Design
    ☆mechanical designing requires3~4weeks
  5. Mechanical Prototype, completion of 1st electric prototype

    • In the middle of the process, “machining prototype” is made to confirm before ordering molding. The stage of preparing the prototype will be proposed by us.
  6. Once the molding arrangement is approved, start making the mould. Completion of electric 2nd prototype.
    ☆After approval, it takes 6 weeks till T1.
    For making of molding, It takes 6 weeks to reach the next step “Mechanical molding T1” …this will not be shorter.

    • Upon discussion of prototype and the changes that are required, will get approval to start moulding process.
  7. Completion of moulding T1, completion of electric 3rd prototype
    ☆Completion of corrections in 2 weeks

    • After T1, corrections will be made, together with minor adjustments and continuous conditions of the molding will be discussed to finally complete the molding.
  8. Completion of the Mold and completion of electric pre-production prototype

    • Molding is completed and at this stage work with customers to get their approvals. Surface processing is not done at this stage.
    • Once confirmed and approved by customer, we will begin with surface finishing.
    • We will send the sample including the surface finishing and once again get approval from customer.
  9. Electric pre-production(called:PP) Approval

    • We target 95% to be complete at electric designing. The balance 5% is solving arising issues and manufacturing adjustments etc.
  10. Start molding by Braveridge Moulding Company in China, and start with PCB mounting at Kyushu

    • To prepare for mass production, begin with the process using molding.
  11. Start to assemble finished product

    • Prepare the mounted PCB for mass production, and start mass production.
  12. Get approval for shipment and start delivery

    • Once ready to ship, arrange delivery to customer’s warehouses or offices.
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