A total service provider – from planning, industrial designing, providing lay out, developing to marketing. Braveridge supports your business fully with knowledge, experience and broad network, 'from the cradle till adult'. We strive for our motto "honest association" which is the key for long-term relationship.

Service Case

Development Service

We have been developing various products and each experience of product development has deepened and accumulated our know-how extensively.
You will be surprised for the variety of products developed by us as a small business..
For ODM business we keep our promise, to take care of the product all the way through manufacturing. We offer a total development service for only those products we are able to develop, complete manufacturing, and supply finished goods to you. For molding, we offer complete molding service till the injection process.

Since we are made up of a small development group, customers often ask, ‘Are you really doing your designing in-house by yourselves?’, or ‘Are your designs out-sourced to design houses in China?’
We have successfully adopted in-house flow style, to complete the whole flow of development, sourcing, production technology, manufacturing all in-house.
During the time when we worked for a major electronics manufacturer in Japan, there was never a time when we were satisfied with the result of out-sourced designing. Also when we started Braveridge in the early days, we didn’t have measurement instruments or CAD so we had to have third-party to handle designing but they were never good enough. Layout of PCB made no sense, issues on the design were not solved but third-party supplier considered them as completed. In the end, we had to use the designing facility and CAD from design houses and redo the whole designing by ourselves even though we already paid for the unfinished service. This experience lead us to be in charge of our designing by ourselves.

We are very demanding on our designing quality as we truly wish our customers to be successful from the products we produce together. When we are feeling ‘this designing is not going well’ or ‘this may not sell well’ or ‘if we simply keep doing what customers ask us to do, we don’t have to take responsibility on anything’ and the designing goes on, but if the production ends after the first lot, it is a disappointing deal for our customers as well as for us.

Many customers tell us “lets start with win-win relationship”, but that should mean the end of our relationship should remain at win-win situation. We believe the best products are made mutually from working out ideas after ideas, from exerting efforts to make designing work, and take our responsibility till completing the manufacturing stage. Therefore, to achieve this, we hold numerous meetings to engage in brain storming and proactively exchange opinions.

Development Scenes at Braveridge

◎Working scene of one of our female engineers from our mechanical group. This group simultaneously handles 2 to 4 PCs per engineer.


◎This is a working sight of one of our software engineers. Too busy to clean the desk?
We are also making controllers which can be seen at the bottom of the photo.

◎This is a working sight of one of our electronic engineers. The area in the photo looks very clean and neat, however, the sides of the photo which is trimmed can be worse than above photos.

◎This is a development scene of a product where the chip transistors are being exchanged by our female electrical engineer. You may find only few female engineers in Japan, but we are an exception. Our female engineers are actively engaged in product development.


◎Below is a photo of a Spectrum Analyzer from Rohde-Schwarz, a Mercedes Benz in the measurement equipment industry.
We bought a brand new set! It is this size, but you can buy a brand new Lexus!
Our Network Analyzer is also from Rohde-Schwarz.


◎Photo below is a Porsche or Ferrari? for measurement equipment industry, maybe Mustang in the USA? Its a digital storage oscilloscope from TEKTRONIX Inc. This oscilloscope even comes with a spectrum analyzer.
It is such a high-class item that it can even measure frequency domain of the spectrum analyzer which has been synchronized with measurement at the time domain. Our office security for crime prevention is always in high alert!!


◎This is a scene of PCB layout by CAD. Our design engineers draw PCB designing by themselves. We do not out-source this work. Needless to say, the engineer who develops the circuit draws PCB layout. Engineer who can design the circuit is only able to guarantee the functionality of the designing. Engineer also arranges prototypes. Characteristic may change by the location of resistors and condensers etc. Lately we have been so precise about layout designing that we focus on the location of the part even by 0.01mm and pay special attention to the wiring.
Our CAD is by a German company IBF, TARGET3001! This is planned to be fully shifted to CADVANCE in 2014. We must create the library. All 5000 over libraries we have created so far will need to go into the dust bin. Total data size of circuit drawing, PCB layout diagram drawn over the past decade is more than 200GB. Well, this is probably the way to move forward!


◎We also make PCBs as below.
SMT is done on a film PCB. It is a very difficult PCB to develop.
There are 3 transistors in line which is called VMT 3 type, it is around the size of 1.2mm x 0.8mm.
We also use FET of a size of 0.6mm x 0.4mm, is it still visible??


◎Below is a PCB which was mass produced long ago around 2008. It is nice to layout neatly in a small space. Passive parts those days were mainly 1608(1.6mm x 0.8mm) or 2012(2.5mm x 1.25mm), but in the last 2 years, majority of the parts changed to 1005(1.0mm x 0.5mm) or 0603(0.6mm x 0.3mm). Sometimes even 0402(0.4mm x 0.2mm).
QFN type of ICs were typical those days but lately we use more of BGA/CSP.
By all these changes, designing of PCB layout and lead-time of prototype are getting longer. Cost has increased together.


◎Bluetooth®︎LE(BLE) module is mounted on this PCB. You can see how much smaller in size designing became now
compared to 6 years ago.
BLE module is on top of Apple 30pin connector.


We are making modules to sit on top of this connector, you can understand how the wiring and parts became smaller and smaller.

◎Below photo is a custom designed panel by our mechanical group.
It is a process made of alphabetic printing on the back of the 1mm polycarbonate board plus coating of reverse printing.
It is a very costly part, but surely you can find the difference in the finishing quality using these items.
Our industrial design is also created by our talented designer who is our reliable partner still with us from the previous job.


◎Another designing drawn by our designer.
What is special about the design is that PCB is designed with structural designing simultaneously including the parts allowing industrial design to be able to function.
His approach is totally different from ordinary designers who only can design the outer later which may not allow components to fit it. The structure of the mold is also taken into consideration during designing process.


◎Our Beacon Drippy design is also made by our designer.
There was another design which was strongly recommended by our designer, but was dropped by me (CTO) just because of my preference.
We love his designs anyway!


◎Our mechanical group uses this kind of equipment for prototypes. It is a three-dimensional machine and has been many years with us.
Lately, some engineers from our electric group can also handle the three-dimensional CAD and cut industrial jigs etc. However, the real prototypes are cut out from ABS or PC materials. At Braveridge, before arranging the mold, we have our own molding company at China to cut out the prototype first. The reason we do not use 3D printer which is popular in the market now is because it is difficult to judge screw tightness/structure durability. PCB can be forced in as it is weak and easy to bend. 3D printer output does not qualify as a preparation of molding for us.


◎This is our equipment as well. Some may know what this is.


◎This is a necessary equipment for reliable tests.
It is a chamber for temperature and humidity. This tank is to measure the characteristic of the product under the environment of low/high temperature and humidity.
Water must be “Distilled Water”,and the expensive distilled water is used only for this purpose.


◎To setup below equipment is troublesome, so it is only seldom used. It is a prototype machine for cream solder painting and SMT.


◎This is a very rare testing equipment.
Its a tester for Cable bending. It is not available in Japan, therefore bought from China.
Power supply is modified to fit to Japanese voltage.
This type of testing equipment can only identify a cut in only one conducting wire. For testing of 10 lead of cables, it needs to be tied up together and tested for bending until all wires are cut. Therefore, we have developed a specialized micro-controller and PCB to monitor tens to hundreds of wires simultaneously, and when a single wire is being cut, buzzer alerts to stop the process of bending.
However, hardly have any chance to use it.


◎This is a remodeled second hand drilling machine from KIRA. It is modified to install a switching power supply to integrate forward/backward function, full speed control (dial control from low speed to high speed), and tapping function.
Even with all the remodeling, for its bulky looks, the ordinary drilling machine is more frequently used.


◎We have below vibrator testing machine. Seldom used as it needs to be grounded on concrete floor to test. The loud noise surely disturbs our neighbors.


◎On the 2nd floor we have our simplified measurement environment for radiation power.
For developing FM transmitter etc, the measurement and adjustment are done here.


◎This is a photo of a scientific calculator that has been used for 20 years. It is from Texas Instruments.
It is a very memorable item bought in 1995 during business trip in the USA. It is very easy to use and all valuable experiences are built with this calculator. New calculator is only being used for four arithmetic operations.


◎This is a scene of discussion with Mr. Yamasaki from Nordic Semiconductor, on the subject of Bluetooth. One of the most trusted persons we love to work with. If we did not meet him, there would have been no BLE module for Braveridge.


☆Please excuse us if some of our webpages look like blog pages. We thought formal webpages are boring to read, so this has become our style..we will continue to share information.

【Our ODM Policy】

  • Try to work on what seems to be impossible by collecting information and expertise, to find the possibility to make the project work.
  • IF the project is completely and clearly impossible to achieve, say “no” from the beginning.
  • Do not follow exactly what the customer is asking for, offer our creativity to improve/add value to it.

【Our strength in Designing】

  • Wireless Design
  • Power supply Design
  • Li-ion Charge & Discharge design
  • Motor Control
  • Audio Design(Analog/Digital)
  • Molding Design
  • Industrial Design
  • VE(Value Engineering Design)
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