Bluetooth<sup class='r-mark'>®︎</sup>LE developers Kit

This is a basic kit for developers who can develop the main PCB where the module is mounted.

Bluetooth<sup class='r-mark'>®︎</sup>LE開発キット

Bluetooth LE Development Tool

Braveridge has launched various development boards for developers.
1. BVMCN5102_BK Kit (On sale now)
This is a basic kit for developers who can develop the main PCB where the module is mounted.
BVMCNDT52: We have made the daughter board in order to mount the bread board effectively so that software development is made possible directly.
BVMCN5102_BK:The application of this is to practically layout the design on the main board, and mount the BLE module on the prototype PCB to implement test running.


  1. BVMCNDT52(BVMCN5102_BK is mounted):3pcs
  2. BVMCN5102_BK:2pcs
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BVMCNDT52 Rev1.3-1

The old version of the daughter board came with an open space on the antenna area of the module,
however, it has been improved to prevent from accidental breaking.


BVMCNDT52 Rev1.3-2

BVMCNDT52 Rev1.3 view from the bottom

For Rev1.3, each board indicates function display for nRF51822.

Two jumper pin is made to separate module itself by Avdd and DVdd, evaluation board also is made to be able to separate. It is also made to press the DIP switch on 2P.


An example of BVMCNDT52 actual application

Above photo is a development state applying BVMCNDT52.
The pitch has been arranged so that it can be inserted perfectly on the standard breadboard crossing over the gap. Three of ABC & three of HIJ can be used. Currently upgraded to Rev1.3.

2. BVMCN5102_BK Kit+ (On Sale Now)
This is a set combining BVMCN5102_BK Kit and SEGGER LINK Lite.
SEGGER Link Light is always required as it has functions of ICE/Debugger/Program writer necessary to develop Nordic’s nRF5102.

  1. BVMCNDT52(BVMCN5102_BK is mounted):2pcs
  2. j-Link Lite SEGGER:1pcs
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SEGGER LINK Lite can be used for debugging, programming, manufacturing, and backup debugger purposes.


Nordic nRF518xx series debugger& programmer ”j-Link Lite SEGGER

Kit+ is a kit which comes with this debugger. Set price applies with the purchase of evaluation board.
As we have a contract price with SEGGER for evaluation board, we can offer a special price.
*If bought separately(not the Lite version), original version may cost a few thousand dollars.

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